Schellingstraße: energy consulting, energy-related refurbishments

This building dates back to 1909, and it was refurbished to improve its energy efficiency in 2014. In addition, the interior was modernised and a loft extension was added to the residential unit. Using energy consulting techniques, we analysed the demand and described the options for refurbishment. Refurbishments to meet the German KfW efficiency property rating 115 included installing heat insulation on the walls and roof, installing new windows and a new front door, installing a ventilation system and replacing the heating (gas condensing boiler). An efficiency property rating of 100 would have also been achievable by installing a solar thermal system for producing hot water and to support the heating. However, this stage has been postponed. The insulation measures have reduced the heating requirements by more than 25 percent. The bathrooms, electrical wiring, flooring, and internal walls were also refurbished, and the noise insulation was improved, as part of the measures. Where possible, old doors, parquet flooring and entrance elements were removed, restored and reused.