Porta Gallica
2007 / new build
2015 / new build
2014 / new build
2013 / Refurbishment / conversion
Holle 20
2002 / new build
2016 / Refurbishment / conversion

Markus Nassal

Markus Nassal, born 1964, completed carpenter’s training, in 1989, followed by four years of professional experience. 1993: started architecture course at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, graduated in 1997. He has been running his own architects practice with Dietmar Wiehl in Tübingen since 1999. Teacher at Reutlingen vocational training school since 2010.

Dietmar Wiehl

Dietmar Wiehl, born in 1964, graduated in architecture from Stuttgart University in 1993. He won an urban development competition with fellow students (Tübingen, redevelopment of the military area within the French Quarter), and entered a partnership with the LEHEN drei architects practice, Stuttgart. He has been running his own architects practice with Markus Nassal in Tübingen since 1999. Since 2010: energy consultant and auditor for structural damage.