Modifying existing buildings is a challenge in many kinds of ways. The characteristics of the original building must firstly be taken into account, as must relevant building regulations. Secondly, it is a design-related and architectural challenge to create, plan and implement conversions and extensions so that the measures involved merge with the original character of a building and its environment – on the inside and outside.

From the first conceptual sketch to the finished building, we accompany you through all service phases, such as:

  • Basic considerations, collecting ideas, clarifying the requirements of clients, improving energy efficiency
  • Initial plans and draft designs with cost estimates
  • Planning drafts, drawings and calculating costs
  • Approval planning, application for and approval of planning permission
  • Planning implementation
  • Preparing project assignment, determining quantities, creating performance specifications
  • Collaborating in project assignment, including costs estimates
  • Construction site management, coordination and monitoring, and documentation
  • Property management, for instance warranty approvals (for in-house projects)