We provide an ample range of services for groups of clients or individual clients. We support and accompany your building project, organise and coordinate investors and act as an interface between the architect, clients and contractors.

Our services include the following:

  • Externally representing building associations, in particular in terms of authorities, companies and architects
  • Scheduling, preparing, leading and coordinating contractor group meetings
  • Organising contractor groups during the planning and implementation phase, specifying project targets, e.g. quality expectations, support in solving target conflicts
  • Supporting an acquisition of new associates
  • Supporting and preparing agreements, such as articles of association, etc.
  • Preparing plot or property purchases: preparing agreements and coordinating notary dates
  • Gathering and reporting residential unit costs for individual clients for settlement by the manager
  • Collaborating in the meeting of contractual obligations towards associates involved in the project and specialist planners
  • Approval of services as representative of the building association
  • If the support for the construction project also involves management, we also take care of accounting and balance sheets
  • In our role as managers: managing assets, checking approved invoices and taking care of payments
  • In our role as managers: calculating the required contributions from associates
  • Establishing contact to financial experts and clarifying any necessary issues with tax consultants