Vertical and horizontal, city and river – we developed a concept to reflect the landscape for the Eigenhaus building association at the “Alte Weberei” development area in Tübingen. The south-facing side of the building opens up towards the River Neckar. This is where the development features a fluid feel and predominantly horizontal façade lines. Vertical elements dominate the north-facing side, firstly to emphasise its urban profile and secondly to also translate the Herlesberg hill in the distance, with its old vineyard steps and dry-stone walls, into the language of architecture.

Each residential unit includes a green space with accessible flower borders in front of the façade. These green spaces make a significant style contribution to the overall image of the façade. As usual, all units were individually designed to suit the clients’ demands. As a result, the development features many types of residential units, ranging from two-bed developments to penthouses with a maisonette design and roof terrace.

The underground garage was built in collaboration with six other developments, with Eigenhaus at the core. The shells were also put up for tender and completed as units. Although this meant that shell construction took longer, and the total costs for planning and coordinating the seven developments were higher, this approach significantly streamlined costs.

Location Tübingen
Client building association
Completed in 2014
Residential space 560 m², commercial space 200 m²
Design solid construction with EIFS
Technical equipment ventilation system with heat recovery