Super-modern Passivhaus-compliant, white – those were the only specifications from the client, who was planning to develop single-household properties for a few hundred residents on a large but complex plot at the core of a rural community. Dream specifications for any architect!

Unfortunately, the parents’ farm could not be saved, and the large, extremely complex plot seemed unsuitable for more than usually spacious. However, at the same time, the client’s requirement was to create as much residential space as possible. The only striking line is a little stream at the boundary of the property.

A building was designed on the basis of this natural boundary, with a precise southward turn before following an arc of around 55 degrees. All of the development’s design axes radiate out from a virtual centre. The rooms plans are tied to these axes, with the living areas on ground floors designed as open-plan spaces that are accessible both from the northern and the southern arc. Separating walls break up individual living spaces like partitions, and large windows create a bright atmosphere on both floors.

The client took responsibility for bricking the shell. The architect and his son (both fully qualified carpenters) made their own contribution to this extraordinary project, creating a round shell with a particular angle for the garage canopy themselves.

Completed in 2014
Residential space  273 m²
Design solid construction
Technical equipment for geothermal heating and photovoltaic power generation