Restoring an old building to its former glory – nothing else would do when it came to converting a building from the 1930s. Carefully modernising the façade and refurbishing the interior was to result in a property with two separate residential units and one single-family home over two floors.

The building over two floors is characterised by its striking simplicity, with a steep gable roof and dormers. The residential units’ layout consisted of strictly separated units and correspondingly small rooms. The design challenge was to refurbish the building, and simultaneously upgrade it to restore its original character, yet provide modern, open-plan living space. For this reason, work on the façade was undertaken with special care, to emphasise the development’s original architecture. Consequently, only a few changes are evident from the outside. Suitable insulation upgraded the façade to modern energy standards. Windows were enlarged to shed more light on the inside of the building, and they now feature window sills made of exposed concrete to perfectly integrate into the overall image, as modern design elements. This concept continues on the inside. Old wooden floors were retained and refurbished, and in areas where this was not possible, highly visible contrasts were integrated into the building. Some internal walls were taken down or moved to achieve the intended open-plan character. Steel beams that became necessary, to achieve the necessary architectural properties, were integrated visually as modern elements. A discreet colour concept highlights the carefully made modifications.
Completed in 2016
Residential space 135 m²
Design Solid construction with EIFS