This project involves a very special structure. To enable noise insulation to be installed in the underground car park, and due to the directly adjacent building, around half of the development was built as a floating structure on elastomeric sliding bearings with a height of six centimetres. These sliding bearings and a layer of sand formed the basis for the building’s foundation slab, which was shuttered and applied onto the ceiling of the underground car park. After the concrete had cured, the sand was once again flushed out from under the concrete slab.

In addition to this special technical aspect, Wohn Hof Haus lives up to the specifications of the property developer model in several respects. It’s not just the inside of the residential units that have been adapted and designed to meet clients’ demands: even the outer façade features individual design. Architects merely specified the window shape for the front of the building – their positions were then adjusted to suit the interior. This resulted in an interesting, asymmetrical, hole-type façade.

The individual character of Wohn Hof Haus is underlined by its down-to-earth architecture, broken up by ingenious architectural elements. Consequently, the south west-facing bay windows not only represent a striking design element but also house various different elements on the inside, such as the popular children’s play area.

Location Tübingen
Client building association
Completed in 2010
Residential space 733 m², 8 residential units, 6 underground car parking spaces
Design solid construction and wooden wall elements
Technical equipment KfW 40 energy standard with solar system, controlled ventilation for residential units